Please note that many cities do not have any information on there websites regarding oil tank removal regulations, and if you have any questions specific to your city, we suggest you contact us, your local non-emergency fire hall, and/or your local city hall.   We have carefully searched through numerous  city hall websites and have compiled a list of useful resources for your convenience.


Vancouver Regulations


Oil Tanks

Removal of Underground STorage Tanks 

New Westminster

Oil Tanks

New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services

West Vancouver

Underground Oil Tanks

Fire and Rescue Permits and Service

District of North Vancouver


Energy Efficiency Programs

Maple Ridge

Storage Tank Removal

How to Detect Underground Oil Tanks on Property

British Columbia Fire Code

Municipal Bylaw


Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks

White rock

Underground Oil Storage Removal Process 


Petroleum Products Storage Tank 


Oil Storage Tank Info

Resiential Underground Storage Tanks

BC Fire Code

Site remediation

Contaminated Sites

Enviromental Managment Act

Fact Sheet 32

Contaminant Migration

Work Safe BC


News and Radio

Underground tanks can lead to expensive problems

Ensuring you have insurance