Tri-City Tank Tech has been proudly serving the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley for almost 15 years.  On staff, we have experts that reside in multiple cities, helping us keep our prices competitive across our service areas.  No matter what city you live in, we strive to keep our prices low, offer quick response times and provide our customers consistent superior quality services.

In our industry, there are many governing bodies that oversee the rules and regulations of oil tank related services.  At times, it may be overwhelming for a property owner to obtain information that is relevant to their situation.  With over 40 years of combined oil tank removal experience, we have accumulated a great amount of industry knowledge. For our client’s reference, and convenience, we have attempted to incorporate this valuable information into our website.

Please feel free to select your city below, and discover more information that is relevant to your area.  Reminder, that our experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have and we encourage you to contact us anytime.